Fizik R4B Black

Fizik R4B Black click to zoom image
Fizik R4B Black click to zoom image
Fizik R4B Black click to zoom image
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37 Black (Item# 8058364014319 17626 r4mcabc-102037) Out Of Stock
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41 Black (Item# 8058364014173 17701 r4mcabc-102041) In Stock (Warehouse)
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42 Black (Item# 8058364013138 17725 r4mcabc-102042) In Stock (Warehouse)
42.5 Black (Item# 8058364014197 17732 r4mcabc-1020425) Out Of Stock
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43.5 Black (Item# 8058364014210 17756 r4mcabc-1020435) Out Of Stock
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44.5 Black (Item# 8058364014234 17770 r4mcabc-1020445) Out Of Stock
45 Black (Item# 8058364014241 17787 r4mcabc-102045) Out Of Stock
45.5 Black (Item# 8058364014258 17794 r4mcabc-1020455) Out Of Stock
46 Black (Item# 8058364014265 17800 r4mcabc-102046) Out Of Stock
46.5 Black (Item# 8058364014272 17817 r4mcabc-1020465) Out Of Stock
47 Black (Item# 8058364014289 17824 r4mcabc-102047) Out Of Stock
48 Black (Item# 8058364014296 17831 r4mcabc-102048) Out Of Stock

R4B Uomo: fi'zi:k's range of road cycling shoes is developed in collaboration with leading professional cyclists. The best technologies, materials, R&D, testing and manufacture techniques are used to deliver you the best shoes for road riding and racing, and trickle down throughout the range.

R4B offers a carefully crafted blend of comfort and light weight, fit, power transfer and aerodynamic efficiency.

R4B's single Boa IP1-A closure control is light, fast, secure, aerodynamic and comfortable ? and is complemented by a pair of light, neatly adjustable micro-straps. Volume control means that the fit of the shoe works with varying foot shapes.

The R4B's injected carbon fibre outsole is stiff for power transfer and sculpted to aid aerodynamics. It combines with the proven supportive and comfortable fi'zi:k Cycling Insole with sculpted footbeds and supportive heel to ensure that every precious watt goes straight into your pedals.

The R4B's Microfiber upper is hard-wearing, light, and resilient with enough flexibility to ensure comfort for every rider's foot, but strong enough to withstand the demands of racing ? without any weight penalty. The diamond-shaped laser-cut perforations help temperature management.

Why use BOA?

  • Glove-like fit: it provides custom comfort with smooth, even closure and no pressure points.
  • Powerful closure: once locked into place, BOA reels and laces stay that way.
  • Micro-adjustability: BOA reels offer seemingly infinite degrees of fine tuning.
  • Quick on, quick off: BOA saves time when seconds count.
  • On-the-fly adjustment: get easy, one-handed adjustment with a quick turn of the BOA dial.
  • Durable: made from aircraft grade stainless steel, BOA laces are stronger per gram than tank armour.
  • Lightweight: BOA closures shed water, mud and ice, shaving precious weight.

Shoe specification:

Adjusting the two straps closest to the toe will alter the fit and distributed pressure around the foot, enhancing comfort and performance.

Adjusting the BOA dial will alter the fit of the heel cup around the foot, increasing power transfer and maximising performance.

  • Injection Composite Carbon Outsole, vented to improve its aerodynamics
  • Laser-perforated Microtex upper (as used on fi'zi:k saddle covers: lighter than leather, very durable, good in wet conditions, breathable and cleans up well).
  • BOA IP1 and Micro Straps closure system (tri-modal: tighten, loosen and complete release)
  • Neutral fit to accommodate the majority of foot shapes
  • Volume: fully adjustable down to the toe using BOA and Micro Straps closure system
  • Fi'zi:k Cycling Insole
  • Weight: 254g (size 42.5)
  • Colour: Black/white or White/black or Blue/black or White/aqua or Black/red

Sizing: Available in sizes from 37-48 with half sizes available (size range does vary by model colour)

Detailed Size Chart

As with any product, specification is subject to change without prior notification. You are advised to confirm current specification before buying.


Our aim is that you unpackage your new bike, straigten the handlebars, fit the pedals and ride, all other setting up and adjustments will have been done by a qualified technician.
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